I am Spartacus

It isn’t easy telling your boss you’ve been arrested and are going to court. But telling them that despite having your charges dropped, you are asking for your case to be reinstated, is even harder.

It wasn’t a particularly hard decision to be honest. It seemed to me to be incredibly unfair that thirty of those of us arrested at Fortnum and Mason on March 30th were to have their cases pursued while the rest of escaped legal proceedings altogether. Why was the chap who I shared a police van with being threatened with punishment for doing exactly the same thing as me?

So, after telling the Crown Prosecution Service that I want to go back on trial, I am standing in solidarity with the thirty people they decided were guiltier with me. The aim is to prove to them that we’re all as innocent as each other. This trial is a sham and we must expose it for that.

My fears about telling my boss proved unfounded- work have been very fair. Now my fear is that the courts will try and make an example of us.

It’s important that we defend ourselves from political policing and that we don’t let this kind of thing distract us from fighting these disastrous government cuts. I’m proud to be standing up to the CPS and proud to be standing with my fellow defendants.

Check our the articles in the Guardian and the Independent.

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