Why Sarah Palin is so full of shit … I’m sure you were wondering

So I was watching ‘Most annoying people of 2010’ which is not only entertaining but surprisingly informative and Sarah Palin came up on the list (of course!).   Now, I don’t really pay much mind to Sarah Palin and the tea party or whatever else she’s involved in because it seems to me that it is bullshit that’s based on shit. However, the programme showed 2 minutes of Sarah Palin clips and various people’s comments on her. At first I was concerned to the point of fearful that such an idiot may run for president of ‘free world’ and could potentially win. But then, while my brain was struggling to process how ridiculous this world is (partly due to my poor vocabulary), the timeless ‘the lady doth protest too much’ seemed to be very apt. And so I have come to the conclusion that the only reason Mrs. Palin can stand up and compare the USA to Cuba or call Obama a socialist or talk about North Korea as US allies without either laughing or crying with shame is because she’s got the hots for Obama. And you can’t blame her; he is sexy. But it is very obvious to me that her actions are like those of a 10 year old boy who kicks the girl he fancies.  Please compare.  Young boy: you’re a loser.  Palin: Obama is a wealth spreader. … Of course my analysis assumes that Palin, in her heart, knows that the USA is not really comparable to Cuba and that Obama is barely liberal, let alone socialist and that ally is not the correct assessment of US- North Korea relations.  But I don’t think my poor brain can handle the alternative so all that’s left to say is please, please, please… God, Bless America.

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